Why are We Concerned?

How “Ready” Are You?


Zero Ready

Not Prepared.  Only a few days of food, no access to clean water otherthan the tap, no planning or preparation, and unsure of how to proceed.  Most Americans are in this category.

Why Does This Matter?

Due to our dependence on technology and current status on so many issues, America is highly venerable to a national “Crisis”!  In fact, perhaps more than at any other time in history.

Take just our food supply–

“Supermarkets typically carry only enough food to provision the local population for 1 to 3 days (in normal buying mode). Supermarkets replenish their stocks virtually on a daily basis from regional warehouses, which usually carry enough food to supply a multi-county area for about 1 month.”   US Congressional Report  Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, 2009




An acute local event such as a fire, auto accident, or medical emergency that lasts  for several hours or a day.


An acute local or regional emergency event that leads to suffering and disruption of daily life for several days or weeks.


A chronic state of national disaster that leads to suffering and disruption of daily life  for 2, 4, 6 months or longer.



Should I Prepare?

Our emergency response, International disaster relief, and military backgrounds led us to examine this question with more than a simple answer.  Beyond ourselves being prepared, what about our loved ones and neighbors?  Regional Disasters in America have always been difficult but the rest of the country has been able to respond and help the region in need.  

The events of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the tornadoes in Joplin MO, and most recent example of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast show how the United States can respond to these events and lend support to those affected. 

But we asked ourselves a larger question……what if it was a Multi-State or National Problem?  What if the dollar collapsed?  What if terrorists attacked multiple cities and targets at one time?  What if the power grid went down over a large part of the US?  What if a major drought caused food shortages across the country?  How would we and those we love navigate these difficult times? 

Our disaster relief experience in countries like Haiti and Japan showed us that preparation is the key.


A National Crisis Will Be Like NO Disaster to Date!

We know instinctively that an emergency and a disaster are different than a crisis.  A disaster or emergency can precipitate a crisis, but the preparation is different.  Disaster-like conditions that may stretch on for months across the whole of the nation is unprecedented….yet, a very real and plausible reality in today’s technologically dependent world. 

The ongoing loss of everyday items that are taken for granted will create a whole different set of challenges that must be prepared for in advance.

Could Something Like this Really Happen?

Our Experience and Current Events Lead Us to Believe It Could…..

“These Are Unprecedented Times…. We’re Facing Unprecedented Threats!”  Mark Cameron Sprenger


We are Living in Troubled Times

We find ourselves living on a much more fragile, unstable planet than EVER before in history.  In just the last few years and in every facet of American life, our technological-dependence has skyrocketed. Whereas most Americans didn’t even know what the Internet was about just 10-15 years ago, now without it, you can’t purchase groceries, pump your gasoline, get cash at the ATM, drink clean water, do banking, and the list goes on for a mile long!  

In January 24, 2013 Reuters reported that Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Chief, stated that a “cyber 9/11” could happen “imminently” and that US critical infrastructure including water, electricity and gas is very vulnerable to such a strike.  This is unsettling to say the least.


Has Terrorism Gone Away?

Those of us who have made our livings preparing for the unthinkable know that the next most probable terrorist event in America will be a multi-city event.  An event that most likely will be directed at our major cities and shipping ports.  An event that may take place in 3, 5, 7, or more cities simultaneously on the same day.

What effect would that have on your family, your community, and our nation for the months to follow?  Armageddon? No, but I will tell you it will be a REALLY BAD day for weeks and months to follow. And if you are “Zero Ready” for such a day, it will be a challenging time to say the least!


What if We Lost the Power Grid?

So what if that Internet or electricity went down? I mean really went down, for like a month or two or longer?  “Oh, it has many overlapping networks and backbones for redundancy and protection,” you say.  Really?  Are you certain of that?  Because you answer will impact you in major ways.

What if terrorism, or a financial collapse, or cyber warfare brought down the power grid or Internet, or caused massive disruptions of our “just-in-time” food and water supplies? 

Are our families or communities ready for what we call a “chronic National Crisis”. Somehow deep inside of all of us there is “just a sense” that America is facing numerous threats today as never before in our history.  And we sense these threats will most likely impact the very well being of our families and communities.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin



Imagine for a moment.  Let’s say a National Crisis did, in fact, spread across this great land of ours.  What would be the affects and impact to our families and communities?  How would YOU and your family react? What is your plan?

In other words, an emergency or a disaster can precipitate a crisis.  But the preparation for crisis is significantly different than that of a disaster.  The ongoing loss during a chronic time of challenge will reveal the everyday items that we all take for granted will create a different set of challenges than preparations for an acute disaster.  And this is especially true if that crisis drags on for month after month.


Armageddon in One Step? We Don’t Think So!

Now for those of you who are thinking we’re describing Armageddon (and 42% of Americans believe that day is coming*), we are not!  We do not believe that the world is going from present day world to Armageddon in one jump (we also believe Biblical scripture supports that stance). 

But for those of you who agree that FEMA’s “72 Hour Ready” program is wholly inadequate for a national time of chronic crisis, then you are in good company.

OK.  Big topics to think about that may not happen in our lifetime, right? However, how many people carry home or auto insurance for those “extremely rare” circumstances?  If we are so ready to insure our possessions, why would we not have some basic insurance to survive a national crisis without food or water?


Current Community Food Supplies? Hours, not Days!

Most grocery stores have only a 2-3 day supply of food to support the entire community– in NORMAL buying mode.  In an extended time of crisis, these food supplies will be gone in hours, not days!  For those of you who live in hurricane zones, you know this first hand.  Bread, milk, eggs, canned food, and water are gone in hours when a storm is approaching.  But what if the power was down for weeks or a month or more?  No credit card transactions, no internet, no phones, vehicles that won’t start, no gasoline, or no running water.  WHAT NOW?


Disasters Are NOT the Problem!

As compared to the rest of the world, America doesn’t have a disaster problem.

Over the years, America has become skilled at disaster response.  If a region or even an entire state slides into an ocean of disaster, there are 49 other states ready and able to immediately respond to help.

And some states (like California, Florida, and others) have disaster response capabilities that rival the largest countries of the world.  And, if federal, state, and local response isn’t enough, America has 330,000 churches whose very DNA is to “help and rescue”!  We’ve seen it time and time again– the greater the disaster, the greater the outpouring of support and assistance!  Simply put, this country has OVERWHELMING resources and capabilities to address “disaster”.

But responding to a “CRISIS” is a totally different ballgame.  And one we are NOT prepared to respond to as a nation! 



Knowing You’re Prepared
is the Goal!


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