1. A national scale crisis or disaster will never happen.

A National Scale Crisis or Disaster Will Never Happen…

That may be true.  Lighthouse Ready is not trying to scare or manipulate people!  However, given the kinds of unprecedented distruptions to normal daily life that have emerged in recent years, we believe it’s prudent to take steps to prepare for unexpected events.   We invite you to watch our on-line presentations, come to a workshop, or order a DVD to not only see why we are concerned but what the the preparedness essential resources are using our Shield of Preparation.  Prepared is Peace of MindTM .

2. I have plenty of household food storage.

I Have Plenty Of Household Food Storage.

What is the shelf life of the food?  Does it require electricity?  Does it give you all of the vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, and carbohydrates required for daily intake?  How long will your “plenty” last you?  Calculated preparation is prudent.  Ready Now! Preparedness Workshops are designed to help you navigate these options and decisions.

3. I don’t have anywhere to store preparedness supplies.

I Don’t Have Anywhere To Store Preparedness Supplies.

Lighthouse Ready has taken into consideration many different living arrangements and the impact that preparedness storage has on each.  For example, we’ve assisted in the design of products that conveniently fit underneath a standard bed.  Lighthouse Ready recommends the very best products and solutions for preparedness, where to find them at the lowest possible cost, all with space considerations in mind. 

4. Other people or the government will help during difficult times.

Other People Or The Government Will Help During Difficult Times.

While Lighthouse Ready agrees with you in a local or regional disaster that lasts a short time, it is a well-known fact that over the years, nearly all response agencies do not own nor do they store supplies anymore.  Rather, they rely solely on the private sector to provide “just-in-time” resources, which will be equally impacted with any long-term disruption. Further, as responders and their families become victims themselves, the system is poised for a breakdown and, unfortunately, the “every man for himself ” mentality becomes the natural and logical progression.  We believe we should be prepared for our families and our communities to help others.

5. I don’t have the money for that right now.

I Don’t Have The Money For That Right Now.

Making preparations to acquire just the essentials is NOT difficult nor expensive.  If one of your family members broke off a front tooth tomorrow and needed an immediate root canal and crown, would you do that over the next few weeks, regardless of cost?  How much more important is the preparation for you and your family, considering a likely national crisis ahead? The cost of having preparedness essential resources in place for a family of four (4) is less than a root canal and crown for a single tooth (an example of an unexpected expense and yes, we know,…..about as fun).  But how much more valuable  is is being ready and prepared for you and your loved ones that a single tooth?  Lighthouse Ready also offers monthly purchasing plans to help with budget considerations.


6. My relatives are prepared for this sort of thing.

My Relatives Are Prepared For This Sort Of Thing.

Lighthouse Ready believes that a strong bond with loved ones and your community is a cornerstone of survival during difficult times.  The important question to ask if you are relying on this approach is, “Do your relatives know that they are preparing for you and your family?”  Lighthouse Ready believes each family should have their own preparedness essentials package to contribute to the whole in the event of challenging times.

7. I don’t know where to start!

I Don’t Know Where To Start!

Welcome to the club!  Truth be told, we thought we had a good idea of where to start until we really started looking deeper into this topic.  So many considerations, products, and budget sensitivity helped us realize that there is more to preparation than just “stuff”.  Please explore more of the website to learn and educate yourself.  Additionally, you can order a DVD or stream our Ready Now! Preparedness Basics or attend a workshop in your area.  In the workshop, we demonstrate step-by-step instructions of how to start and have a balanced, sensible approach to preparedness.

8. With all of the options, I am not sure which ones are the right ones!

With All Of The Options, I Am Not Sure Which One Is The Right One!

Lighthouse Ready agrees.  So many options!  We’d encourage you to look at our research found in our comprehensive Ready-Lists.  Our findings surprised us.  Some of the survival food packages that are commercially available have woefully inadequate nutrition levels!  Our first advice would be to do your research.  Look at the ingredients, calories, vitamins and minerals, and serving sizes.  Second, explore our site and learn how we approached the topic.  Lighthouse Ready has done a tremendous amount of research for YOUR benefit.  Please validate our conclusions and give us feedback if you find better alternatives than those that are suggested.  Our goal is to provide validated, proven information and to keep the site up to date with the best, latest, and most affordable resources and solutions.

9. I am too busy now! Maybe later….

I Am Too Busy Now! Maybe Later…

We understand that life is busy.  As a result, Lighthouse Ready has put the information in an easy to use format, but it still requires effort on your part.  We would encourage you take the time necessary to get your preparedness essential resources in place for your family.  The good news is, once it is done, for the most part it is done!  Store it and appreciate the fact that if anything should happen, you will be prepared.

10. I have plenty of money in the bank…I will be fine.

I Have Plenty Of Money In The Bank…I Will Be Fine.

You may not be able to even prove you have money in the bank during a disruption, let alone access it.  All the paper currency and exchange in the world may not translate into real goods and items needed during difficult times.  We encourage you to take your money, spend it wisely and turn a little of it into tangible, practical life-saving resources.

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