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 Ready Now! Preparedness Workshop 

A Sensible Approach to Preparedness for Individuals and Families

“These Are Unprecedented Times…. and We’re
Facing Unprecedented Threats!”  Mark Cameron Sprenger


This Video Workshop is Designed to Take You From
Zero Ready to Crisis Ready!

“A sensible approach to Preparedness for individuals and families, with step-by step guidance and a strategy for ACTION using the Shield of Preparation Categories.”


Chapter 1 –  Introduction and Why Prepare? 

Mark Sprenger, Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Ready, talks about his background and talks about disaster response in recent history.

Chapter 2 – Definitions and Concerns 

 Mark Sprenger explains the difference between an Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis.  Mark also explains his concerns that could trigger a regional or national crisis.

Chapter 3 – Faith, Mission, Shield of Preparation 

 Mark Sprenger talks about the importance of Faith in challenging times.  He also explains the mission of Lighthouse Ready and why it is critical to have preparation in uncertain times.  Lastly, Mark explains the concept of the Shield of Preparation and its elements and introduces Lighthouse Ready’s exclusive Ready Lists.

Chapter 4 –  Water (WaSH) 

 Mark Sprenger discusses the importance of water in an Emergency, Disaster or Crisis.  Mark explores the various methods of purifying water and compares storage techniques to filtration while discussing the critical nature of volume (not sure what critical nature of volume means??).  He introduces the BugOut Water Filter systems and discusses water sources.

Chapter 5 – Sanitation/Hygiene (WaSH) 

Mark looks at Sanitation and Hygiene during an Emergency, Disaster, or Crisis.  Mark Sprenger discusses the correct ways to dispose of human waste and talks about the importance of hygiene when critical services are not available.

Chapter 6 – Critical Tools/Power 

 Mark Sprenger discusses various ways to address power needs and issues in the event of any disruption.  Introduces solar power solutions and explains the importance of having the ability to recharge batteries in the event of a power outage.

Chapter 7 – Critical Tools/ Cooking 

Mark Sprenger addresses the importance of being able to prepare food in the event of disruption of critical services.  He discusses the use of propane, wood, solar, and wood pellets as a way to prepare food.

Chapter 8 – Food 

Chapter 8 covers the difficult topic of food during an Emergency, Disaster, or Crisis.  Mark Sprenger discusses how vulnerable our current food distribution system is and why we should have food storage.  He then transitions to the importance of nutrition and four ways to store food.  He introduces a food from the humanitarian world called Vita Ready Meal.

Chapter 9 – Conclusion 

Mark concludes with a summary of the concepts learned in previous chapters and gives suggestions on how to begin preparing.


“Lighthouse Ready has been a strategic help to our church in practically preparing us for any crisis that might impact (great or small) the usual way we live our lives. We really saw how important preparing for such a possibility is, as a result of the Colorado flooding that hit our community last September. Our city was divided in two by raging flood waters and some in our church had huge losses of personal property. There were concerns about our water supply that sent many to the grocery stores to clean the shelves of available bottled water within a few hours. 

Lighthouse Ready workshops that we held at our church earlier in 2013 had prepared many of our people for such a disaster. We will continue to use Lighthouse Ready to educate folks from around our city in a helpful and practical way.”

Rob Strouse, Executive Pastor, Good Shepherd Church (Loveland, CO)

“Lighthouse Ready is both inspiring and practical. The workshop is presented in a professional manner 
with the right balance of physical and spiritual preparation for unexpected events that could alter the way we live. It is a Biblical approach that equips individuals to be ready to provide not only for their  own household, but to serve those around them. Their message is one of certainty that needs to be heard in these uncertain times”. 
– Kevin McGinley, Senior Pastor, SouthGate Church (Fort Collins, CO)


In this Workshop You Will Learn:

•  A balanced, sensible approach to preparedness

• How to address each category on the Shield of Preparation

• Clear step-by-step instructions, suggestions, and resources itemized
in our detailed Ready-Lists!

• Recognize affordable resources that are “Essential” versus “Good to Have” versus “Nice to Have” 





Prepare with Faith, Not Fear!













“Lighthouse Ready is THE practical ministry tool to help others through troubled times. The Lighthouse Ready team is prepared to minister; not sell, and their expertise is needed by all.”

– Rev. Steven Grant, Senior Pastor, Destiny Christian Center (Greeley, CO)







Learn…. Then Lead Your Own Small Group with Our Workshop Facilitator’s Guide!

        Lighthouse Ready® Workshop

Preparing Organizations to Serve in National Crisis


Primary Workshop Goal: Preparing Organizations

After individuals and families have taken the Ready Now! Preparedness Workshop – Basics and have taken steps for their families it is time to start thinking of the next step of caring for others in their community. Once individuals are Ready Now! they can be part of a Lighthouse Ready® organization which leverages member’s talents and resources to work together to aid, support, and assist YOUR community during a national crisis.

We believe the strength of our nation during a crisis will come from the same place it comes from during a disaster; namely, local people helping others in their community.  However, it is important for those who are willing to assist to be prepared themselves before they can help others. 

Lighthouse Ready® Organizations have several members who have taken the steps of preparation and have a heart to serve others who did not or were unable to prepare.  The strength will come from the combination of resources and skill sets.


Workshop Overview

A Lighthouse Ready® Workshop is centered around a series of practical, real-world  lessons with a Biblically-based foundation, designed to:

– Empower your members to be ready to meet the needs of their own family

– Empower your members to consider the needs of their extended family and neighbors

– Unite the local Faith-Based Organizations network to be “Lighthouse Ready®” in reaching out to neighborhoods and community

– Conveniently fit into your weekend or home-based programs.  

The Lighthouse Ready® Workshop Is Not….

A marketing tool to create sales using fear tactics!  Nor is this workshop extensive enough to prepare your organization for responding to a disaster like a tornado or a hurricane.

Workshop Content

We are careful not to use doom and gloom to scare folks into action.

Instead we present solid facts and potential scenarios with which to plan for, and let the attendees discuss these in their break-out sessions.

Discussions around our calling to serve those in need, how to prepare by understanding the “Crisis Essentials” (Food, Water, Power, Cooking, etc.) and building community are the topics covered.





How to Host a Workshop

◊ Together we will select a time and location.

  • ◊ You will promote the workshop among your members, neighborhood, and community.
  • ◊ We will provide promotional flyers, posters, and a brief promotional video clip to announce the workshop.

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