# 1: Introducing a New Blog by @MarkSprenger

Morticia Addams?  Morticia Addams?  Seriously??

Yeah, that is probably how you must be feeling when you read the headline that I am starting a new blog. Kinda like how I felt when I read this stupid post on FB the other day, giving me some person’s eloquent wisdom and life inspiration via MORTICIA ADDAMS (of the Addams Family TV show).

Seriously?  I need to take my guiding principles and wisdom from Morticia Addams?

Everybody these days is pounding you on with every idea, platitude, life inspiration, and drivlet known to man. And doing it on every social media firehose imaginable.

At the turn of the last century, T. S. Elliott said, “Where is the knowledge we have lost in the information we’ve found?”  WOW… he would be rolling over in his grave if he experienced just ONE day of the toxic levels of information we are bombarded with daily. But his point then is never more relevant and true for today.  Where IS the wisdom and knowledge we can’t find in the information we are drowning with today?

I have NO desire to add to those toxic levels.  But I feel compelled today to start a long overdue blog concerning those issues and realities that are pulling at my heart strings. Strings that have been the genesis to spawn what we call Lighthouse Ready!

I hope you lend an ear to my coming pontifications (sounded like a dirty word when I first heard that term in college). I will try to make them fun… but more importantly inspiring, motivating and thought provoking.

I will give my best shot at delivering something worthy of your consideration each week.  But as my college motto stated over the entrance archway, “Acta, non Verba”  — Deeds, Not Words!  Hopefully I will deliver and please feel free to give me your feedback.